Hey! Whether you are a mom in need of a few minutes reprieve to yourself, a nurse just off of a 12-hour shift or maybe just your Average Joe looking for a few good laughs, some inspiration or a trip down memory lane-you have came to the right place!

In the past I have had some articles published for a world re-nowned Children’s Hospital and have spent a life-time writing “just for fun!” After a series of blessings and disasters, including but not limited to a marriage, birthing beautiful children, becoming an Emergency Room Nurse, divorce, raising a “threenager”, an unfortunate death of a hamster among finding the Grace of God, I have found my way back to my passion of writing!

I am a mother to three beautiful, blonde monsters, a full-time nurse, taxi driver, maid, blogger and aspiring Christian who also happens to be navigating the dating world. Just in case that doesn’t sound comical enough, I have also won the “reverse lottery” with a life-altering autoimmune disorder that affects approximately one in one hundred thousand people!

So, sit back and pour yourself a cup  of coffee, put your feet up and completely ignore that pile of dirty dishes in the sink and let’s get started!