come to the table

In my quiet time lately, I’ve been in Psalms. It’s a refreshing place to be if I’m honest. I’m working through the Bible as a whole, and after struggling through the majority of the Old Testament, Psalms is a breath of fresh air.

There’s so many beautiful truths in the psalms. Truths of His faithfulness, of His righteousness and our lack thereof, truths of His relentless pursuit of those who betray Him over and over again…

But do you know what He says to those who disregard Him?


Think about that. That’s a word that can’t really be used forcefully. Fathers and mothers tell their children to come back to inside after a long day of playing outside, or to come away from a dangerous situation. It always stems out of love.

Don’t think about this point too hard. Of course you could find away to use the word unlovingly, but just go with me.

Shortly after I began pondering this truth in my personal devotions, I heard this song:

Its one of those songs that just hits you like a brick. Something about it makes this whole thought of coming to Christ more tangible and real.

“To the thief, to the doubter
To the hero and the coward
To the prisoner and the soldier
To the young, to the older
All who hunger, all who thirst
All the last, all the first
All the paupers and the princes
All who fail you’ve been forgiven
All who dream, all who suffer
All who loved and lost another
All the chained, all the free
All who follow, all who lead
Anyone who’s been let down
All the lost you have been found
All who’ve been labeled right or wrong
Everyone who hears this song
Just come to the table.”
With this welcoming comes responsibility on our part. Psalm 63:1 says, “You, God, are my God, earnestly I seek you; I thirst for you, my whole being longs for you, in a dry parched land where there is no water.”When someone gives you such an invitation as the one our Father has given us, we should be sprinting towards it. Our every action should reflect the call we’ve received to seek the One who gives us breath.

If we understand the truth of the Gospel, this shouldn’t take any effort on our part. The Gospel should leave us completely and utterly in awe; unable to do anything but worship Christ.

We are free and able to come, thanks to the undeniable fact that Jesus died for our sins and washed us clean. God sees His Son when He looks at us, and that is worth celebrating.

So don’t just come to the table. Run to the table.

“There’s no one unwelcome here.”

Praying for you,
Abigail ❤

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