Hi everyone!

I hope you got a vibe of wisdom and maturity from that. I am, after all, a college kid now. I’m entering the best four (well, three – go college credit plus 🙂 ) years of my life. Its insane to think that I started this blog as a sophomore in high school, and now I’m a freshman in college. How on earth did that happen??

Here’s my heart right now…

My dad just gives really good hugs.

That’s been one of the hardest things about being away from home. I now lack that closeness that comes with family and living in such close proximity to one another. Sometimes I’ll just crave a hug that makes me feel safe and I search and search for how to satisfy it.

We have this God though. This God with huge hands. Hands that ache to guide us through this messy human life. Hands ready to catch us when we trip over the devil’s traps. Hands that assure us that we are His children. Hands that clap for us as we run this race towards a beautiful, eternal finish line.

These hands have often been hard to find these past three weeks. Sounds crazy I know, considering I’m studying at a Christian university. But being thrown into this environment of non-stop Jesus has made it easy to forget how personal of a God He is, and how much He cares for me as an individual. As His daughter.

All the things we talk about every day in class and in chapel often seem too good to be true. It can be hard to believe that I deserve a living, breathing God such as He. It can be hard to believe that this supernatural God is truly real.

This everyday battle has weighed on my soul these past weeks, and I sense it will be ongoing, for the devil fears places like this — where Jesus is present and being glorified so publicly.

I’m finding Him though. I’m fighting every day to stay tuned into what He has for me to learn. I’m working to assure myself of my salvation and give the greatest of praises to the One who made it possible. Most of all I’m training my brain to understand that this gift is not just for me, and to think so is selfish and cruel. This gift begs to be shouted from every rooftop, and I intend to embark on that mission.

Not only that, but I’m learning to be a Godly journalist and professional. I’m learning that His plans for me are so very big. I’m gravitating towards the fact that His mercies are new every morning and His provisions are more than what my human brain could ever fully comprehend. Like how He made it so simple for me to get a job as a sports reporter for the newspaper here — a very possible career option for me. Or how He blessed me with a roommate and unit mates who were already sisters to me as early as one week into the semester. Or how He has kept my hips nearly pain free despite the miles of walking and hours of sitting that they endure daily.

He’s good my friends.

Maybe you needed reminded of this today, just as I did. Here’s a song we sing in chapel a lot that always stirs my heart to thanksgiving and worship.




College is so good guys. I’m being challenged and encouraged everyday. I’m growing. And it’s only been three weeks! Here’s to a beautiful semester.

All my love,
Abigail ❤

3 thoughts on “hugs

  1. Blessed to know this Abigail is in my daughter’s class at Cedarville. Living in the same room that I lived in during my years there – don’t ask how long ago that was. Blessed that Jillian and I were led to the table she occupied with her parents at the Second Gen dinner on Move In day. Blessed to have gotten to know her parents and have kept in contact. So cannot wait to connect with them during the coming months, years, as we continue along this Cedarville journey. God spins a web of love and pulls us in by putting awesome people like Abigail and her parents in our path to remind us that He’s got this! Come on Homecoming Weekend!

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