I’m sitting on a balcony, overlooking the vastness that we’ve named “ocean.”

The waves are a little small this morning, like they’re not quite awake yet. Or maybe they Processed with VSCO with c1 presetdon’t think we’re awake enough to really appreciate what it is they do.

There are silhouettes running next to the vast, trusting it to stay where it is so they don’t become one with it.

There are couples walking hand in hand, enjoying this view that simply can’t be explained.

The sound of the vast is a song. It sings to its audience, but we are not they. It’s singing to its maker. The one who guides its waves to shore. The one who decides when they crest, when they break.

The horizon is so near, nearer than its ever been. It’s just beyond the waves that are just starting to gain some height. The horizon holds so many secrets, so many stories. If one could only touch it, I feel it would burst in glorious song, proclaiming to all the world what it has seen. More importantly, what it has seen from the maker of the stars.

For many, the horizon holds fear and darkness. Where the earth is no more and the ground is unreachable — who could ever strive to such a thing? But there is a beyond past that beyond. It looks like two hands, with scars shaped as nails. Hands that catch anyone who comes too close to the edge. Too close to the unknown.

“Soon,” they say. “Soon you will experience all I have promised you. Soon you will dance on the streets of gold. Soon you will run through the gates of pearl. Soon you will feel the love I’ve been trying to express to you for so very long. Soon, my love, soon you will understand, for I have saved you from the alternative.”

IMG_4723That’s what I imagine here on this balcony. The wind blows through my hair, and He knows about it. The sunburn on my legs stings, and He knows about it. The sun shines on my face, and He knows about it. The waves dance toward me without reaching, and He knows about it. My sister goes to get Starbucks, and He knows about it. My heart feels on the verge of bursting, and He knows about it.

Not only does He know about all of me. He loves all of me. Even when I get on Instagram instead of YouVersion. Even when I ignore Him when all there is to do is worship Him.


Dear Jesus,

Thank You for the ocean. Thank you for making it vast for us, but not too vast for You. Thank You for the warmth of the sun and the cool of the breeze. Thank You for the opportunity to get away.

Thank You, my God, for saving me.

Amen. //

Jesus is alive everybody!!! I hope you had a beautiful Easter! I got to go to a sunrise service on the beach and . . . wow . . .

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Sorry it has been so long, but this is probably the norm now. My life is busy in such a beautiful way, and I don’t want this blog to be forced, because this blog is for Jesus, me and you.

Thank you for your love. I hope you feel His today.

All my love,
Abigail ❤

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