Thirteen chapters. Countless doctor appointments. One volleyball season. Two new baby cousins. Countless experiences. One surgery. Lots of love. Countless tears. Countless smiles. Life changes good and bad. Four seasons. One birthday. Lots of stress. New appreciation. New interests. New eyes. ONE YEAR.

One year of blogging. That is pretty crazy. When I started this, I didn’t even know if it would last a year. I didn’t know what would occur in my life in a year of blogging. I definitely thought I would have more than thirteen chapters done! Here’s a throwback to chapter one : hello. Pretty crazyyyy. 🙂

Anyway, I really want to thank you. Those of you who know me personally, I want to thank you for your support in these last months, for it has been limitless. I have been so encouraged by your immense generosity and love. To all of you, I want to thank you for reading. You make what I do fun.

Many of you know I finally had my PAO on January 17. I figured I’d put a link here for those of you who are wondering exactly why I haven’t been at school for 3 + weeks. You can find that here.img_1806-1

To say this has been a learning process is the understatement of the century. However, here is some of what I have learned from recovering for three weeks now:

⟶ Patience. Patience is something I do not have. I still have a long road ahead. Months and months of road. Months and months of opportunities for patience. Months and months of opportunities for God to guide me, mold me, change me. I pray patience is something he decides to help me add to the mixture of traits that is me.

⟶ Guilt. Guilt eats at me whenever I feel bad for myself because there are so many terrible situations I could be in. Someone I love could be dying. We could be living in a country torn apart by war and drowning in fear. I could be surrounded by hate instead of love. Poverty could rule our lives. There are so many could be’s. This journey has taught me how blessed I truly am.

⟶ Walking. Turns out walking is super fun and convenient and not walking sucks. 😦

⟶ Independence. I’ve recently discovered something I did not know about myself. I am very independent. Like super independent. To the extent of stress and anger when I cannot do things for myself. My entire leg does not work, so I am a continuous passenger on the struggle bus. I need help with almost everything. Not only that, but when crutches are practically two new arms that might as well be attached; getting food, drinks, books or anything that needs carried has become a challenge unlike any other. SUPER annoying.

Image result for struggle bus
Not anytime soon, anyways. 😉

⟶ People. People are amazing. Astounding. Magical. Surprising. Gorgeous. Fantastic. Inspiring. Supportive. Crazy. Cool. Did I mention people are amazing? Being on the receiving end of generous hearts is something I will never take for granted.

⟶  La La Land. Okay, this one doesn’t really have to do with learning, but we saw this movie the night before my surgery, and wow. I mean wow. Like WOW. New favorite movie. I love old movies. I love modern, cheesy love stories. I love Emma Stone. I love Ryan Gosling. I LOVE LA LA LAND.

So yeah. I’m learning a lot. I’m discovering a lot. I’m appreciating a lot. I’m doing my best to embrace this ride on the struggle bus.

I hope 2017 is being good to you. I hope you’re living, loving and growing.

Thanks again. I love you with my whole heart. ❤ ❤ ❤

All my love,

Abigail ❤

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