happiest time of the year


Seriously though did you notice the snow on my home page!? How fun is that!? 😉

…stop judging I know I have a problem okay???

ANYWAY, I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving, and are having a tremendous holiday season.  It truly is the most wonderful time of the year, isn’t it?  The music is classically warm, the coffee is deliciously minty, the spirit is strong, and the person of Jesus is so present.  Enjoy it!

I have exciting news!  I now have an Instagram and Twitter for this blog!  After all the beautiful love that came out of my last post, I decided to make this a bigger project!  You can follow my Instagram by clicking here and my Twitter by clicking here!  Both of these are just ways for me to be able to blog without posting an entire post, because I often do not have time!  I’m very excited about this!!!

Okay, so I went on vacation a couple weeks ago and it…



Amazing doesn’t even describe it. Being with the four people who have my heart before anyone else on this earth for an entire week while experiencing new adventures together was beyond anything I could’ve hoped for. We laughed more than I though possible, we discovered new things about each other, and we loved. We loved life and each other, and it was beautiful.

Okay, so we started by going to Disney. They aren’t kidding with that slogan. It is THE HAPPIEST place on earth. We went to three of the four parks (we skipped Animal Kingdom, because we wanted to go to Harry Potter World). Epcot was definitely my favorite! I loved walking through the different countries. Not only that, but this is where we met a lot of characters, like Baymax (from Big Hero 6), Joy and Sadness (from Inside Out), and my personal favorite, Mary Poppins. They all made me feel like a kid again, and yes, I’m only sixteen, but I have to think like an adult a lot, and it was so lovely to feel that childlike euphoria for an entire week.

Oh my goodness, my favorite ride in Epcot was called “Soarin'”. It was a hang gliding simulation, but it was amazing because every scene had a new smell that was so realistic! It felt so real that my mom waved to one of the people on the Great Wall of China, forgetting we weren’t actually there, hah!

In Magic Kingdom, we did all classic Disney things. We got to meet Merida from Brave (BEST PRINCESS EVER) and so much more. Everything was beyond perfect. Everything.

Then we went to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios.

And let’s just say that I’m a small Harry Potter nerd…


So you can only imagine how those two days were spent. I literally felt like I was in the movie, and I practically was! Everything, I mean everything was an EXACT replica. It was so so so so so perfect.

When we walked into Diagon Alley I practically forgot it was a fictional place based on a fictional book visited by fictional people. I felt like a wizard! And when we went to Ollivander’s to get our wands, I was insanely ready to go to Hogwarts.

Okay I’m not going to bore you with any more details, because I could go on and on and on and on…

and on and on and on…

Anyways I seriously hope you all have a beautiful Christmas.  Only five more days!

Enjoy your family. Enjoy the food. Enjoy the sparkles. Enjoy the fellowship. Enjoy the movies. Enjoy the smells. Enjoy the closeness. Enjoy the cold (and hopefully snow). Enjoy the friendship. Enjoy the music. Enjoy the love.

I’m thankful for the blessings in my life, the people in my life and the God in my life. I’m thankful you; the readers of this blog, who give me such love and support when I’ve done nothing to deserve it. I am aware, however, that I am one of the lucky ones. If the holidays are a difficult time of year for you, I hope you can find peace.

Remember; there is no Christmas without Christ.

All My Love & Good Wishes,

Abigail ❤



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