I don’t really have the words for how I am feeling right now.

All I know is that I am so incredibly blessed.

I just watched an episode of American Idol on which Kelly Clarkson performed her song “Piece by Piece”.

The song is written to her father, who abandoned her and her family and refused to love her, until she became successful, when he decided he wanted to reconnect.  She wrote it while pregnant with her daughter, River.

It talks about how her husband has helped her realize that there is a man who will love her, and not only want her for her money or fame.  I promise you will not regret watching this:

Sitting there listen to Kelly deliver this stunning performance, and breaking down into tears made me realize that God blessed me so greatly.  He gave me a family that is united as one, and a father who would die before he left us.

I sit here in tears thinking about how many people have to go through what Kelly went through.  Those who do not know one, or both of their parents.  I’m going to be cheesy for a second and say that I wish with all my heart I could give every single one of those people a hug.  I cannot even fathom it.

I will never understand why God chose to give me the life He did.  Such a vast majority are living in terrible circumstances, just trying to get through each day, while I am here sitting in a warm house, with a beautiful family, with a life that is not struggle-free nor is it struggle-full, at a school that provides me with everything I need to be successful, with nice clothes, and good food.  So many people don’t have that.   I am a sinner who deserves no more than the worst, but Jesus sacrificed His life so that I may have the best.  Oh goodness, I’m crying again.

Okay, so I took a little break, and I’m back with more to say. 🙂

Not only did God bless me with a life filled with good things; He gave me friends who love me for me.  I’m not perfect.  I never claimed to be.  I’m human.  God gave me a best friend who keeps me grounded in my faith and in my values, even when I’m a jerk.  She doesn’t brush away my crap; she brings it to my attention so that I become a better person, but in a loving way.  I don’t know what I did to deserve her, or any of my friends, but I’m not convinced I did anything.

That’s the thing about God.  He blesses us more than we deserve.  Though I believe He does reward us, He doesn’t wait for us to do something good to give us beautiful things.  What a mighty God we serve, huh?

Sorry for being a sappy and emotional mess, but like I’ve said before, these blogs are me, even if that is a sappy and emotional mess. 😉


Abigail ❤

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