Hey! 🙂

So, I’ve been thinking about what to say in this chapter for a while.  I had a couple drafts written out weeks ago, and so many ideas, but none of them seemed to fit.

I couldn’t figure it out.  Why did I have so much to say, but no words to say it with?

Then I realized what it was.  I was restraining myself.  Even though I had resolved that I was going to write for me, I was trying to think of what I could say that would please everyone who would potentially read this.  In other words, I was trying to keep God out of it.

I’m ashamed to say that, but its true.  I was afraid people would see it as preaching, and stop reading.  Now I am not here to get readers.  However, I want those who read this blog to enjoy what they’re reading, but I simply cannot leave God out of it.  I’m not going to write about why everyone should believe what I do, but most of my thoughts about the world stem from my thoughts and knowledge about God.

So here it is.  I know this chapter was lame (I will most likely post again in the next few days) but I needed to get that out there.  God will be in my blog.  In fact; He will be the center of it, as He is the center of my life.

I know this probably is not what you were expecting to read today.  It’s not what I was expecting to write!  However, I’m glad I got that out there, and now I can start writing for real.

Have a great day, stay safe in this snow, and know how beautiful you are. 🙂

Love, Abigail ❤


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