chapter one


What a simple yet beautifully complex word; hello.  A word used for greetings, old and new.  A word used in an abundance of circumstances.  A word used in good, bad, and neutral context.  A word that is there, no matter what.

Okay so, hello.  I don’t yet know what context this word is being used in at this moment, but hopefully soon, that will be clear.  This word could propel me into the whirlwind of  the unknown, or it could keep me right where I am; a simple girl, sitting in a simple room, typing on a simple computer, hoping that one day her life will be not-so-simple.

My name is Abigail, and I am here because of an incredible woman named Kirstin Maldonado.  Some of you may know her by name, but my guess is that most of you do not.  I have another guess, however, that you have all heard of the breakthrough a capella group Pentatonix.

Now before you click that red x at the top of your screen because you think that’s what this is: a place where I tell you that you have to go buy their music right now; don’t.  Yes, it is true, Pentatonix is my favorite group of all time, but I am not focusing on them, nor am I focusing on Kirstin.  I am focusing on inspiring you, and if not inspiring you, giving you a break from this world we live in full of media and terror and politics and stress and chaos to simply relax, and read.

Reading Kirstie’s blog relaxed me.  It gave me the sense that I was not the only one feeling the way I was.  I realized, after reading what she had to say, that I have SO MUCH I want to say as well.  It has been building up inside me, and now that I have recently surpassed my sixteenth birthday, and have gained the freedom that is a driver’s license, I notice that my life is flying away.  Far away.  So far that I feel I am losing touch with it, and that is not what I want.  I want to sit and reflect on my experiences.  On what I feel as a human; as a beautifully and wonderfully made being.  Don’t get too excited, for my experiences are nothing abnormal or exciting.  However, they are experiences, and the experiences you have will not repeat themselves, and you only have this life to live.

So here it is.  I guess I am not just writing this to inspire.  Part of this is for me.  For my soul that needs nourishment in the form of words.  I want to document my life, and not just document, but sit down every once in a while and reflect.  Reflect deeply.  Reflect slowly.  Reflect beautifully.  And as I begin this journey with you, I want to warn you that the word beautiful will appear often.  For life is beautiful.  And not just beautiful, but stunning.  We have a stunning God who placed us on this stunning earth for a stunning purpose; to serve Him.

That is, ultimately, what I plan to do with my life.  Serve the one true God who so graciously put me on this earth to have the opportunity to serve someone as beautiful as He.  So hello, my friends.  And welcome to me.

Love, Abigail. ❤

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